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Two generations of Egyptian farming background with 20 years of experience in international Afro-European business have come together to provide, supply and deliver high quality agricultural products, leveraging untapped African opportunities according to European quality and business standards.


We only offer products grown on our own farms where we ensure strict control and oversight over the farming process. To ensure the best quality we acquire virgin plots of land for our plantations. Our vegetable and fruit production include organic portfolio. We produce to order and actively encourage current and future customers to define and specify their particular crop order requirements.


We grow fruits and vegetables in adherence to global quality standards. Our crops are Global G.A.P certified. We strictly control and document plant fertilization and protection regime. For the requirements of our customers we adapt international standards for Organic production and live Fair Trade principles.


Why work with us

  • 100% guarantee to deliver on contractual arrangements
  • Make credible commitments and keep customer continually updated on progress
  • Adaptive approach to meeting customer needs and we strictly follow customer specification once agreed
  • We take advantage of the natural African resources available to us – the warm climate and virgin soil – at the same time securing sustainability. Those conditions facilitate the production of top quality and delicious tasting produce

Contact us

    • Farm Africa

    • Cairo, Egypt
    • 2, 191nd. District 5th. Area,
    • 5th. Settlement, New Cairo
    • Phone: +2 0100 92 000 44
    • Commercial Register No. 76049
    • Export License No. 1003102
    • Global G.A.P. No. 4056186019783
    • E-mail: contact@farmafrica.eu
    • www.farmafrica.eu

Farm Africa

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Farming in Africa — key facts:

16% of Africa's land is arable, the largest share in the world

79% of Africa's arable land remains uncultivated